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We care about security of your data.
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Identity and Access Management (IAM) Software Solutions
to Secure Sensitive Data

To secure your data, you need to secure your identities. With a complete suite of IAM solutions, Netwrix can help you implement a Zero Trust approach to reduce risk, increase productivity and streamline compliance.
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We care about security of your data.
Privacy Policy

Know who has access to what, when, and why

The foundation of a Zero Trust security strategy is the principle of least privilege, which requires granting each user only the access privileges they need to do their job. Accordingly, the first step in protecting your data and satisfying auditors is determining which users have access to what data, applications, and other IT resources, as well as which data is regulated or otherwise sensitive.

Know where risks are by identifying user identities with access to privileged accounts
Discover every user account that has access to critical resources in your organization so you can reduce access to the absolute minimum.
Find out where sensitive data resides and who has access to it
Discover and classify your sensitive data, both on premises and in the cloud, and understand exactly who has access to which information.
Understand groups and group membership
Active Directory and Azure AD groups play a vital role in authentication and authorization services. Discover exactly what groups you have and who owns each of them.
Close security gaps and keep them closed
Identify insecure passwords and reset them to a secure value automatically. Prevent users from choosing new passwords that do not comply with your policies.

Minimize security risks by limiting access to sensitive data

To reduce the risk of cybersecurity incidents, organizations need to take multiple coordinated steps to manage access to all parts of the infrastructure.

Remove standing privilege
Reduce risk to your data and systems by replacing standing privileged accounts with on-demand accounts that provide only the access required to perform the task at hand and that are automatically deleted afterward.
Keep all users appropriately authorized
Ensure accurate provisioning, reprovisioning and deprovisioning of user permissions to enable each new employee to be productive quickly, prevent users from retaining unwarranted access when they change roles, and immediately remove access from employees leaving the organization.
Control groups and group membership
Empower business owners to manage the membership and properties of their groups. Ensure that no group outlives its purpose with powerful lifecycle management policies and periodic attestation.
Strengthen password practices
Avoid breaches due to weak user passwords by creating and enforcing strong password policies. Further reduce risk by storing user and admin credentials in a secure vault.

Curb the impact of identity-based incidents

Organizations are increasingly vulnerable to identity-related breaches, with over 80% falling victim. Mitigate this risk by detecting and containing identity threats fast.

Detect identity-based attacks in real time
Detect abnormal user behavior — and even advanced threats like Golden Ticket and DCSync attacks — in time to prevent a devastating breach.
Respond to threats in a flash
Minimize the impact of identity-based attacks by containing them instantly. Easily build playbooks using an extensive catalog of response actions, such as resetting user passwords and forwarding incident details to your SIEM.

Learn more about Netwrix solutions for identity threat detection and response.


Take the stress out of your next audit

Organizations already face an alphabet soup of security and privacy regulations — PCI-DSS, GDRP, NERC, SOX, FERPA, CJIS, CMMC and so on — and more are being enacted every year. Despite their differences, they all share a key core component: strong identity and access management. Netwrix products enable you to achieve and prove compliance with these IAM requirements while reducing the impact on IT and user productivity.

Show off your automated attestation process
Prove that access to regulated data is properly guarded by showing auditors how business owners regularly review, revise and attest to permissions to their data.
Demonstrate control over user access
Impress auditors with a well-groomed Active Directory and Azure AD free of over-provisioned users, stale accounts, and group sprawl.
Reduce the audit preparation burden on IT
Spare IT teams from the slog of manually collecting and collating cryptic audit log data. Save them weeks of work — for each audit — with out-of-the-box reports tailored to common regulations and an interactive search that provides answers to ad-hoc question from auditors on the spot.
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