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We care about security of your data.
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Learn How To Gain Control Over Your NetSuite and Salesforce Configurations To Remove Configuration Errors And Potential Data Loss

Customizing complex applications like NetSuite and Salesforce can lead to failures as unseen configuration dependencies can be introduced. Knowing that planned changes are safe to make, avoiding unwanted downtime or data loss, gives you peace of mind and increases productivity.

At-A-Glance Dashboard
The at-a-glance dashboard shows you an overview of the health of your NetSuite or Salesforce deployment, highlighting what has changed and what needs your attention.
Netwrix Strongpoint Dashboard
Easily Find What Changed
When changes are detected, you can quickly investigate the nature of the change to determine its impact.
Netwrix Strongpoint What Changed
Filter Out The Noise
Any changes that didn’t follow policy will be tracked for review and may handed off to trouble ticketing systems such Jira and ServiceNow.

Starting with system documentation through to continuous audit, Netwrix Strongpoint gives you confidence in the integrity of your NetSuite and Salesforce configurations.

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Easily document your current configuration
Automate the documentation of your NetSuite and Salesforce configurations so you can understand the dependencies and avoid making breaking changes.
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Identify opportunities for optimization
Easily find configuration dependencies with our entity relationship diagrams that show you which configuration changes are related to others.
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Ensure changes are managed effectively
Delegate access to specific configuration roles allowing only the people with the required knowledge and authority to make changes.
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Harden the audit trail to increase integrity
Netwrix Strongpoint comes with out-of-the-box reporting detailing, in an immutable record, everything that happened in your account.
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Increase enterprise compliance
By giving you the insight you need we enable you to increase your enterprise compliance with all the regulations that protect your business.
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Reduce audit burden with continuous monitoring
Stay on top of your audit posture every day, rather than scrambling to prove your ability to pass audit once a year.
Netwrix Strongpoint
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