Strategic Partners

Strategic partnerships with industry-leading vendors help Netwrix develop superior solutions for information security and governance. Our unique combination of partners empowers us to deliver vendor-proven products that support the broadest variety of IT systems, enabling customers to ease the burden of IT auditing and reveal true value of their data.
Membership in the Microsoft Partner Network empowers Netwrix to deliver continuous monitoring of both on-premises and cloud-based Microsoft systems and applications, so customers can gain control over changes, configurations and access to enhance security, simplify compliance and improve operational efficiency. We also offer easy and fast deployment options, such as a virtual appliance for the Microsoft Hyper-V platform.
Organizations worldwide trust Oracle Database as the back end for their business-critical applications. Staying on top of user activity in Oracle databases is critical to both the security and the ongoing availability of those critical assets. Our partnership with Oracle enables Netwrix to provide deep insight into user and administrator activity in Oracle Database, so customers can mitigate insider threats and ensure the integrity of their valuable data.
Nutanix is the leading vendor of hyper-converged infrastructure, offering appliances that provide storage, computing and virtualization all in one box. Working closely with Nutanix empowers us to provide our customers with comprehensive, in-depth monitoring of critical changes and data access events across Nutanix-based file servers so they can strengthen the security of sensitive data.
Our partnership with VMware enables us to help our customers and partners adopt virtualization technologies with confidence, knowing they will have complete visibility into their VMware environment and control over changes to their virtual infrastructure. In addition, we provide them with fast and hassle-free deployment options, such as a VMware-ready virtual appliance.
Many organizations rely on Dell data storage solutions to safely keep large volumes of sensitive data. As a partner in the Dell Technology Partner program, Netwrix is able to help those organizations harden the security of this data and optimize storage use by providing complete visibility into changes, data access and data usage on their storage devices.
Our alliance with NetApp enables Netwrix to provide customers with 360-degree visibility into everything happening on their NetApp filers, including data access and data usage. Identifying stale and duplicate files helps customers optimize their storage use and keep storage costs down, while visibility into every change and access attempt strengthens the security of the sensitive data stored on their filers.
Qumulo is a leading vendor of distributed file systems, offering seamless data management across on-premises and cloud file storage. Our partnership enables customers to gain visibility into what sensitive data they store in Qumulo, who has access to it and what activity is occurring around it, thereby further strengthening security and streamlining compliance audits.
CyberArk is the leader in Privileged Access Security, a critical layer of IT security to protect data, infrastructure and assets across the enterprise. Our partnership with CyberArk gives customers a 360-degree view of user activity in Privileged Session Manager, Enterprise Password Vault and Central Password Manager. With this insight, they can keep privileged users from hiding behind shared accounts and respond to improper behavior before any damage is done.
ServiceNow provides a cloud-based enterprise IT service management (ITSM) solution that transforms the delivery and management of IT services for organizations around the world. Our partnership with ServiceNow empowers customers to improve their service management processes by automating the detection and registration of critical events and improving their incident management workflows.
Safetica provides data loss prevention and insider threat protection solutions, available on premises and in the cloud, that help organizations secure their data and ensure compliance with regulations. Our partnership with Safetica empowers customers to discover and classify data on endpoints with high accuracy and enforce data protection policies consistently across the IT ecosystem.

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