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Active Directory self-service password reset software that slashes help desk costs and user frustration

Are password-related tickets swamping your IT service desk? Do lockouts and password management headaches keep your teams from getting their work done? Netwrix Password Reset is an Active Directory password reset tool that enables users to securely reset or change their own passwords and unlock their accounts from any web browser, desktop or mobile device — without calling the help desk.

The Netwrix self-service solution reduces help desk call volume
Slash costs by enabling employees to reset forgotten AD passwords, change their passwords and unlock their accounts — without ever having to contact the help desk.
Empower end users to change and reset passwords themselves
Reduce user frustration and enhance productivity with a Microsoft AD self-service password reset (SSPR) solution available anywhere, anytime. Users don’t even need to install any apps on their computers or mobile devices.
Minimize the risk of credential theft
Keep hackers from taking over user accounts with custom enrollment questions and flexible verification options for password reset and account unlock requests; timeout and lockout capabilities; user alerts for credential modification attempts; and more.

Save time and money — while enhancing security — with AD self-service password reset software

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Self-service user password changes and account unlocks
Allow users to securely set a new password, reset a forgotten AD password and even unlock their AD account after multiple failed logon attempts — driving user productivity while slashing help desk costs.
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Anywhere, anytime access
Enable users to conveniently change their passwords and unlock their accounts anywhere, anytime: from their mobile phone, tablet or computer, or right from the Windows Logon or Unlock Computer screen.
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Password change notifications
Reduce the risk of identity theft by notifying users about all successful and failed attempts to reset or change their password or unlock their account. Administrators can configure the alert criteria and message content.
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MFA, lockouts and timeouts
Thwart social engineering attacks and comply with access management best practices by requiring multifactor authentication to reset a password or unlock an account. Protect against brute-force attacks with lockout and timeout capabilities.
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Comprehensive auditing
Spot suspicious events, monitor system adoption and simplify compliance with a detailed audit trail of successful and failed system enrollments, password resets, password changes and account unlocks. Customizable filters speed investigations and reporting.
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Password policy enforcement
Enforce the Windows history and minimum age requirements when users choose new passwords, or integrate with Netwrix Password Policy Enforcer to create and enforce far more flexible password policies that reject leaked and weak passwords.
Netwrix Password Reset
Find out how Netwrix Password Reset can relieve your password management headaches and reduce help desk costs.
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How is the software licensed?
Netwrix Password Reset is licensed based on the number of employees who use the software to simplify management of their AD passwords, not the number of domains or domain controllers.
How quickly will I start getting value?
In less than 5 minutes, you can have Password Reset installed and ready to start simplifying the lives of your users and help desk teams immediately, or customize the default configuration. Users must enroll in the system and provide answers to the questions you configure before they can use any of the solution’s password management capabilities. If you have user enrollment details, you can automate the process by pre-populating the database.
Is the solution secure?
Yes — in multiple ways! First, Netwrix Password Reset protects your enterprise network resources with a limited one-way trust between the web interface (which accepts user requests) and the server (which acts on those requests).
To ensure proper authentication, during each password reset or account unlock, users must provide the same answers as they did during the enrollment process. You can also require an MFA step, which sends the user a verification code by email or SMS that will automatically expire after the period you specify.
For further security, users get an email whenever anyone attempts to modify their credentials using Netwrix Password Reset. You can configure which events trigger an alert, as well as the sender, recipients, subject and content of each email. Plus, Password Reset has multiple lockouts and timeouts to protect against credential guessing attacks.
Finally, the audit log stores detailed information about all successful and failed requests, including the username, domain and source IP address. Customizable filters allow administrators to quickly identify and investigate security threats.
Will the solution affect my core systems or system performance?
No. Users can change and reset their passwords from a computer, tablet or mobile phone. There are no apps to install, and you can easily modify the user interface by editing the HTML5 and CSS3 page templates. The Password Reset Client, which allows users to perform password resets from the Windows Logon and Unlock screens, extends Microsoft's user interface; it does not replace any system files.
Can the solution help us enforce our password policies?
Yes! You can easily configure Netwrix Password Reset to enforce the AD password history and minimum age password policies when users choose new passwords. Even better, the solution integrates with Netwrix Password Policy Enforcer, which enables you to easily create and enforce a password policy that goes far beyond the basic Windows complexity rules set in the Default Domain Policy GPO. With the integration, Password Reset can reject leaked and weak passwords and give users clear feedback that helps them choose compliant passwords.