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eDiscovery Software that Reduces the Stress of Legal and Internal Investigations

Today, organizations often have terabytes or even petabytes of electronically stored information (ESI). Any of it could possibly be relevant to a legal case, which can make any electronic discovery project an arduous task for legal professionals and IT teams alike. A quality eDiscovery solution can help take the pressure off. It will discover and classify the data you store, so you can more easily collect the required documents and submit them for review and production whenever a legal case arises.
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Identify potential sources of ESI to direct data discovery

Know where relevant documents might be stored to focus information collection efforts
Reduce the stress of legal proceeding right from the meet-and-confer phase. Enable legal teams to quickly identify potential data sources by understanding where specific types of data are stored across your IT infrastructure.
Automatically assign classification tags to discover relevant documents more easily
Automatically classify files as they are created to improve their discoverability in case of legal investigations. Accurate classification and enriched metadata enable you to speed information-gathering during litigation or early case assessment.

Collect data for litigation support and make sure it is duly preserved

Discover relevant ESI across multiple repositories faster
Potentially relevant files are likely to be spread throughout your on-premises and cloud-based data storages, such as Windows file servers, SharePoint and SQL Server. Make sure you can find everything you need from a single eDiscovery platform.
Automate legal hold and continuously secure potential evidence
Automatically move files subject to legal hold to a safe location and/or revoke access rights from users to ensure their integrity before and during litigation.

Optimize document review and processing with eDiscovery software

Fine-tune your classification to find just the exact data being asked for
Satisfy even complex requests from legal teams by creating and adjusting classification rules with a transparent and flexible taxonomy manager. See how your tweaks influence classification results to make sure you correctly classify case-relevant ESI regardless of topic or industry.
Cut attorney review costs by filtering out irrelevant documents
Organizations with limited capabilities to analyze and cull content often end up submitting irrelevant information to law firms for pricey review. Ensure accurate data collection reduces the costs associated with reviewing false positives, as well as the risk of missing relevant files.

Establish information governance and make it work

Archive or delete stale data in a timely manner to manage legal risk
Identify data that is not in use anymore and enforce internal policies by applying appropriate actions, such as archiving or defensible deletion.
Ensure that sensitive data is stored in accordance with internal policies
Mitigate risk and the potential liabilities related to a legal investigation by making sure files are stored safely and processed in accordance with information governance and security best practices.