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SaaS-based IGA solution to automate, govern and control your enterprise identities

Usercube provides identity governance and administration (IGA) aimed squarely at solving the security, compliance and productivity issues associated with joiners, movers and leavers. By automating this challenging problem with a fully-SaaS solution, organizations can rest easier knowing that users are productive sooner, data is secured faster and auditors are thrilled with both.

Ensure users have the right access to the right things at the right time
Enhance security and accountability by ensuring only the right people have the right access to the right stuff and for only the right amount of time.
Enable business owners, not IT, to grant access
Gone are the days when IT was called upon to provide access to random SharePoint sites, file servers or VPNs. With Usercube’s access request portal, users can request access directly and the business owner who knows if the user should be granted that access can provide it – all without the assistance of IT.
Secure data by deprovisioning leavers in minutes
Secure your data and infrastructure by ensuring that the access of any employee leaving the company is cut off within minutes of the employee’s departure.
Thrill your auditors with automated attestation campaigns and compliance reports
Auditors will be thrilled with the results of Usercube’s automated attestation campaigns which will provide both a summary and detailed highlight of who has access to what… and why.
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Ensure digital trust
IGA brings together all of your organization’s processes to enable each identified individual to have the correct access rights at the right time for the right reasons.
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Create your data repository
Usercube builds a repository of organizations, sites, users and resources, from different sources, to become the centralized location for reliable and exhaustive information.
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Inform the right people in real time
Make sure every department is aware about the latest organizational changes. Ensure traceability and compliance.
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Build custom workflows
Each user can make a request to obtain, modify or revoke access rights or equipment for the users in their scope. Workflows enable you to push the request to the appropriate people in order to obtain approval and/or start processing the request as soon as possible.
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Detect changes in real time
Usercube detects changes in user or resource repositories and triggers workflows for creating, modifying, archiving or deleting data. This reconciliation can be done in real time or in a programmed manner.
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Certify access rights
Usercube enables compliance verification of access rights granted based on rules in place for your organization. Access rights previously granted are collected and analyzed, which enables you to immediately identify gaps between your expectations and reality.
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Limit profile sprawl
Usercube provides a comprehensive role-based model that defines user rights based on their identity, job functions and location.
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Verify unauthorized access rights
Usercube makes it possible to enumerate the IT system’s Security Policy regarding access right controls and can automate the deployment of these controls. Your organization is thus protected from security breaches including breaches related to the segregation of duties.
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Generate on-demand reports
Easily initialize the Usercube data repository and track data over time. Prebuilt reports, available in Excel, give complete information about users, organizational structures, IT and physical access rights. You can organize your own report library related to different business areas (HR, IT Security, Governance, etc.)
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